Our company

As a University of Sheffield (UK) subsidiary company, In-tend have been managed by expert university procurement professionals since 2006. We have an unrivalled pedigree in understanding procurement and the needs of both buyers and suppliers, as well as the complex relationships that bind and divide the two – our passion is bridging this gap to the benefit of all.

Over 500 buying organisations in 100+ countries have realised the benefits of In-tend's e-Procurement system, with thousands of procurement professionals managing hundreds of thousands of projects and contracts worth £billions per year. That means thousands of procurement professionals in over 500 organisations streamlining processes, managing risk, increasing transparency and regaining control of their spend. Hundreds of thousands of suppliers engage in our portals, expanding their businesses and securing contracts that were once out of reach.

All of In-tend's products and services have been designed to deliver an effective, reliable and expert-led approach to procurement, alongside advancing supplier engagement to maximise the benefits to all.

With use in 100+ countries, the benefits are being received by more and more organisations by the day. Regardless of your industry or location, resources or requirements, In-tend have a solution for you.

“Our aim is to provide a total e-Sourcing system to enable management of spend and risk reduction. We are a proven provider and have an unrivalled background and pedigree. With input and management by qualified procurement professionals, we understand your business and are driven to enable all sectors to achieve quantifiable savings.”

- Steve South, In-tend's Managing Director
and former Director of Procurement University of Sheffield

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