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A dedicated procurement software package for you to support your clients with confidence

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The only e-procurement platform dedicated to providing procurement consultancies with a tendering, evaluation and contract management resource. The platform is constantly evolving through internal and customer lead developments, allowing the professional sourcing, acquisition and management of goods and services tenders and contracts.

Specialist information and support resource designed to fit your needs from the simplest exercise through to complex multistage projects. We are here to help you fully utilise the platform so you can fulfil all of your client requirements professionally, efficiently and with the confidence that risks are minimised and full audit and reporting capacity is embedded within the solution.

Designed for consultancies by market leading specialists in the provision of e-procurement platforms for strategic procurement and supply chain management systems across the world.

Helping you help your clients identify and deliver on opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement for your clients and support them in the transformation of their procurement function.

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