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Using the data from within your In-tend platform is helpful and can help guide decision making processes and ensure operational costs and delivery expectations are managed.

There is however, far greater value when you are able combine data from multiple sources.

Through the blending and using the In-ultra Analytics tool you are able to merge multiple data sets and see this combined data through a new lens. This allows greater visibility across the procurement landscape, building stronger insights and allowing decisions to be more informed.

What is In-ultra?

In-ultra is a proprietary In-tend set of algorithms that blend data from a number of sources, your own In-tend instance, relevant In-tend HUB data sources, external agencies such as Credit Referencing agencies, Environmental or Social Value monitoring organisations.

This data is combined in its raw state to build a picture of the supply chain and detail suppliers capability, capacity, performance, environmental and social value scores.

Blending real KPI data from existing contract performance with financial and non-financial data you are able to see a true picture of the supply chain and make informed supplier selection decisions.

Where will I see the data?

In-ultra will be delivered as an additional In-tend analytics module, tightly integrated into the In-tend organiser, the HUB and our analytics portal.

As simple as the information will appear on your screen, a significant amount of complexity is built into the algorithms.

The data you see can be manipulated by users with appropriate access into charts and graphs to ensure stakeholder attention is focused on key areas.

It is worth noting that all In-tend data is stored and processed inside the U.K and no external parties have access to it. As with everything In-tend, its hosted, developed, maintainted and managed only by In-tend.

Unlock the true value of combined data.

Information is very often spread amongst a number of unconnected systems and quite possibly soiled into various departments or divisions.

In this format it is simply not possible to achieve complete visibility of a supplier or a contract, unless you combine information from these different systems to build an understanding of all the factors.

Procurement has traditionally dealt with suppliers pricing and in some cases capacity to perform, laterly this has started to incorporate performance data to provide insights about an organisations true value.

Using In-ultra allows you to take the next step into the analytics of providers, contract performance, spend and deliverables as well those non-financial elements from external sources such as environmental credentials, social value commitments and compliance with legislation on modern slavery or use of conflict minerals.

Enriched Analysis for Better Decision Making

Utlimately, one dataset by itself, irrespective of the amount of detail, doesn't include every piece of the puzzle needed to build a comprehensive view of a supplier or a contract, especially considering the use of multiple systems to hold and manage data.

This is why data enrichment practices are vital to long-term goals and better decision-making.

By blending data from multiple sources you can go beyond simple descriptive analytics and onto more meaningful insights and calculations, leading to better decisions.


In the radar chart we see an analysis of six criteria that can form part of the overall algorithm.

As you can see the from the data set and the chart, Supplier A is far stronger on pricing, however, Supplier B out scores all other sectors and offers a much better overall proposition depending on the criteria suppliers will be selected against.

Criteria Supplier A Supplier B
Delivery 25 75
Social Value 25 68
Environmental 12 47
Pricing 98 52
Quality 52 85
Performance 65 82

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