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Systems Training

Upskill your workforce with training from In-tend's system experts.

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No need to change existing processes

In-tend have a team of knowledgeable system trainers who are not only able to provide expert training on each of the In-tend modules, but also demonstrate the best ways to integrate the system with your current processes via requirements mapping sessions.

Flexible training to fit around you

We offer a variety of courses, proven to deliver effective training on all aspects of the system, whilst tailored training sessions can also be delivered to meet individual requirements.

A safe space to get hands on

We offer a variety of courses, proven to deliver effective training on all aspects of the system, whilst tailored training sessions can also be delivered to meet individual requirements.

Training can be delivered on-site, at our in-house IT suite or via online webinar.

Our courses

e-Tendering Basics

Understanding the basic principles behind electronic tendering is the best way to run efficient procurement. This course is designed for users taking their first steps in procurement and learners will leave with a strong foundation in understanding the processes involved.

Typical course content

  • A general overview of the In-tend systems
  • How to create and manage a single stage tender from start to finish:
    • Clarifications and communications with suppliers
    • Awarding a Tender
    • Practical exercises in low value tenders such as “Request for Quotation” (RFQ), “Call Off Competitions” from frameworks, Long Term Agreements, etc

Our training expert will put into plain English the varying terminology and acronyms that can be found in the world of procurement. So whether you're faced with an ITT, ITB, RFP or an RFQ, our flexible systems and training, combined with our experience can tailored to fit the needs of your organisation.

e-Tendering Intermediate

Following on from the e-Tendering Basics course, our intermediate course will give you a more comprehensive view of the capabilities of the In-tend system when you come to publish tenders onto the portal.

Based on your requirements, the course content can be tailored to fit your business.

Typical course content

  • A complete tender exercise from start-to-finish
  • The creation and management of electronic questionnaires to accompany tender documentation, giving suppliers the ability to submit answers directly into the system
  • Advancement of qualifying suppliers through multiple rounds and stages
  • Separation of the supplier submission into a technical & financial proposal, utilising the “Electronic Envelope” process
  • Publishing tenders to 3rd party portals, such as: Contracts Finder, Find a Tender or OJEU/UNGM

System Administration

The flexibility of the system offers many benefits when it comes to the setup and configuration. The System Administration course covers a wide range of changeable settings and preferences along with user access control and configurable data & templates.

Typical course content

  • User Management, how to create Users and Groups with guidance on rights and permissions
  • System Structure, how to create a hierarchy of departments, sections or business units to allow for segregation of data
  • Global Preferences, understanding an management of the configurable preference settings
  • Supplier Database and Portal Management
  • Managing background data & templates
  • Project Wizard settings
  • Look and Feel, customization of screens and terminology
  • Reporting & Audit

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

In-tend recognizes the many benefits of the DPS process and have created a training course to ensure that compliance and efficiency can be upheld within the process.

Our training session typically covers two key areas:

  • The creation and management of an overarching main DPS Project
  • Supplier Submissions and Qualification of their response

You will be shown how the system can be utilized to automatically update qualified suppliers following assessment onto the DPS allowing for easy “Mini Competitions”/“Call Off's” to be run as the procurement is required.

For larger DPS, you will also be shown how the DPS can be categorised through a combination of “Regions” and “Multiple Lots”.

Electronic Evaluation

The Electronic Evaluation module enables the evaluation of tender to take place directly within the system offering many benefits in terms of reporting and audit.

Participants will experience what it's like working with the module from all user perspectives to give a well rounded view of the product; how it's used to set up scoring as well as taking part in an evaluation.

Typical course content

  • Setup of Evaluation Questions & Styles
  • Scoring Methodologies
  • Setup of Evaluation Roles (Viewer, Evaluator or Moderator)
  • Scoring Guidance & Model Answers
  • Evaluation Clarifications
  • Reporting and exporting of scoring information

The session begins with participants completing a demonstration of an existing evaluation within the system before taking on the roles for setup, scoring and reporting. This 360 degree session will give participants a thorough understanding of the module in its entirety.

Contract Management Basics

The Contract Management module is an invaluable tool for maintaining Contract Records within a Contracts Database. This provides many benefits throughout the life-cycle of a contract such as Supplier Performance, Automated Reminders for Key dates, Document Management and Spend Control.

Typical course content

  • The creation of an electronic Contract Record within the system
  • Setting up contract expiry dates and reminder emails
  • Management of Contract documentation
  • Monitoring supplier performance on a contract through the use of Key Performance Indicators
  • Extraction of KPI Reporting information for key stakeholders for monitoring performance and contractual milestones

Contract Management Intermediate

Our Contract Management intermediate course takes a deeper dive into the customisations available to users of our Contract Module.

From the Contract Wizard, learn how to:

  • Add custom fields and templates to allow bespoke information to be captured
  • How to implement workflows for Approvers/Publishers of contracts prior to being published
  • Optionally track contract spend/overspend with associated alerts when predetermined thresholds are reached (subject to licensing)

Reverse Auction

Often overlooked, the Auctions Module can prove invaluable for gaining value for money from your suppliers. Our training course covers the creation of a simple auction RFQ for an easy bidding process based purely on price.

We also include how to integrate auction function into the tendering process allowing for supplier ranking positions based on a combination of their quality score and auction stage based price.

The 360 degree session includes the supplier participation so that users gain a full understanding of the ease of use within the reverse Auction process.

Forwards Auction

The Auction Module can also assist with asset disposal revenue. Running a forwards auction allows competing bidding prices to increase providing an excellent way to generate revenue out of surplus.

The training will include a simple forward auction process based purely on price along with more integrated procedures where suppliers are shortlisted through a qualification process.

The 360 degree session includes the supplier participation so that users gain a full understanding of the ease of use within the forward Auction process.

Dynamic Wizards

The system can be closely aligned with your organisation's procurement thresholds and processes allowing for more efficient usage and increased compliance.

During the course, you'll have the chance to see how the system can be configured as we tailor it to align with your internal procurement procedures to create an intuitive menu. Once configured, participants will use the prepared system to initiate their procurement exercise.

Participants of the course will be given a walkthrough of the various procurement wizards available within the system via an end-to-end example of a full tender.

By having our various procurement wizards mapped to your organizations processes, you can feel confident that the system will be ready to be rolled out for broader adoption.

Tailored / Bespoke Processes

With the knowledge and experience of a dedicated system specialist, the system can often be utilised to build and benefit from various custom processes. This might include a greater level function needed for monitoring supplier information in the form of a custom Supplier Approval Process or the requirement to manage Grant Funding, Asset Disposal or utilising the customizable projects area. If there's a process need that's outside the current scope of your system then contact our team to see how we can help.

Turn-Key Service / System Consultancy

Sometimes there may not be the time resource or knowledge expertise to manage content or configurations within the system. Whether it's the building of questionnaires, creation of custom screens or the setting up of bespoke reports, our trainers are available to provide project management as system consultants to carry out services within your system.

Complimentary System Review

A 'System Review' can be a valuable way to gain knowledge of your system and identify any areas that maybe being under-utilised. One of our system specialists can conduct a full system review, along with a detailed report on all the current modules providing a summary overview of how the system is being used currently, along with any recommendations or advice.

Procurement Consultancy/Managed Services

When resources are at a premium, or you simply need to outsource an element of your procurement itself, In-tend's Procurement Services team are adept at filling a void. With a wealth of procurement knowledge, and MCIPS/CIPS qualified in-house resources, our team can provide procurement training, project review/assistance to ensure legislative compliance, or outsourcing of procurement from one to five days a week. Contact to discuss your procurement assistance requirements.